Kalista DreamPlay XC

2022-04-20 10:58

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Kalista  DreamPlay XC
As an independent brand and über high-end division of Métronome Technologie, itself a top-end upmarket audio specialist, Kalista now announces the DreamPlay X and DreamPlay XC digital playback hubs. Available in two versions as DreamPlay X and DreamPlay XC, the new players are stylistically inspired by the highly-acclaimed and arrestingly beautiful Kalista CD player from the 2000s. While the DreamPlay X is mainly a CD/SACD transport of the highest order with in-built resampling streaming and network playback, the DreamPlay XC expands that unit’s capabilities by also including a high quality on-board digital-to-analogue converter (resolutions up to DSD256 and MQA compatible) and digital preamplification functionality (Leedh Processing digital volume control).

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