T+A S 2100 CTL

2021-12-24 13:27

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 T+A S 2000 CTL
The S 2100 is the medium-sized floor-standing speaker in the CTL series; although it is more compact it is still not small, as it measures a full metre in height. This size ensures that there is ample volume available for the transmission line, which in turn generates very powerful low bass at high volume. In terms of construction it is very similar to the S 2200 CTL; the only difference is that the woofers are slightly smaller. The two 17 cm bass units exactly mirror the 22 cm drivers of the larger S 2200 CTL in design and features. Their resonant frequency is low, they are matched to the transmission line just as accurately, and their extremely hard, embossed cones generate very deep, forceful and accurate bass.

329,000 บาท

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