Raidho Acoustics D3.1

2021-12-20 14:07

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Raidho Acoustics D3.1
The Raidho Acoustics D3.1 is a true 3-way Raidho Diamond Driver loudspeaker. It has a dedicated 100 mm Diamond mid-range and three 115 mm Diamond bass drivers. With the D3 we have learned that more resolution makes the music much more liquid and natural. The D3.1 is an extreme performer and is for those who really enjoy spending time and effort setting up their system and finding matching components. Real music enthusiasts can expect a truly unique musical experience from the D3.1.

1,795,000 บาท

ราคาปกติ 2,499,900 บาท

ประหยัดทันที 28%

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