Scansonic MB6B

2021-12-18 13:52

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Scansonic MB6B
The MB6 B is the Scansonic flagship speaker. Tall, slim and elegantly curved it follows the core of traditions in Danish loudspeaker design. The design is centered around the ultra light moving mass sealed ribbon tweeter, that has unique speed, resolution and dynamic transient capability. This makes for a very transparent and highly detailed reproduction of the finest details in the program material. The MB6 B boasts a powerful lineup of 6, 4,5” carbon coned dynamic drivers, arranged in a power sharing line array. The inner pair of the driver covers the midrange up to where the tweeter takes over and as you move out from the center the driver cowers more and more of the lower registries. In the deepest bass the line array boast a total membrane area larger than a 12” driver, but still with the speed and agility of the smaller drivers. This makes the MB6 B have outstanding capabilities even in the deepest bass. The MB6 B is an incredible music performer with an impact an authority the will leave you breathless.

249,500 บาท

ราคาปกติ 339,900 บาท

ประหยัดทันที 26%

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