Scansonic MB5B

2021-12-18 13:03

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Scansonic MB5B
Schlanker Stand-Lautsprecher The MB5 B is a unique slim floor stander with four 4.5” carbon-coned drivers and a sealed ribbon tweeter. The 5 works as a 2.5-way speaker design, where two 4.5” carbon coned midrange-woofers are supported by two additional Carbon coned drivers for additional base performance. The two carbon midrange-woofers are run in series for an increased and dynamic power handling. The 5 cabinet is heavy braced, curved and with solid carbon reinforcements. The speaker is crossed over at 2600 Hz and the two added side woofers assist up to 250 Hz. The MB5 B carries the base right down to the deepest notes and does that with an effortless drive that will leave amazed.

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