Luxman MQ-300

2021-12-09 14:22

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Luxman MQ-300
MQ-300 90 years of LUXMAN experience, intelligence and principles embodied in vacuum tubes The MQ-300, a vacuum tube stereo power amplifier from LUXMAN, uses thoroughly selected parts and circuits to maximise the performance and tonal quality of the latest direct heated triode – the TA-300B following in the design footsteps of the masterpiece MB-300 released 31 years ago. Since the foundation of the company 90 years ago, LUXMAN has pursued core principles for sound creation, ‘honest and natural sound quality and feeling the sound field without exaggeration’, ‘feeling the unity of sound with sufficient data for the whole audio band’,‘fatigue free listening enjoyment’, all of which are embodied in the MQ-300. By expressing the original sound, the MQ-300 brings the spirit of music inscribed in your favourite discs to life.

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