Ansuz Speakz Cable DTC2 3.0M

2021-11-22 17:04

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Ansuz Speakz Cable DTC2 3.0M
NEW GROUNDBREAKING TECHNOLOGIESAll cables in the previous D-TC series has been replaced with D·TC2 upgraded cables. Actually the designs and technology are more a down-scaled version of the D·TC Supreme series than it is an upgrade of the previous cables. The Speakz D-TC2 must be powered by a PowerBox from the latest generation for best performance. The speaker wire can also pass on the current to power Børresen 05’s or the new D·TC2 Jumperz. All D·TC2 interconnects must be connected to a PowerBox. As the Mainz D·TC2 carries power itself, it do not need external power for the active parts.

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