Ansuz Power Cable X2 Series 2M

2021-11-20 13:20

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Ansuz Power Cable X2 Series 2M
A BREATH OF FRESH NEW AIR All cables in the X-series has been replaced with new upgraded X2 versions. The new X2 series have the same high-quality aluminum plugs and connectors as the other Ansuz 2-series. Conductors, shielding and insulation materials remains the same, but with the better mechanics in the higher quality of plugs the performance takes a big step upwards. With the X2 series, Ansuz Acoustics has met a great wish from music lovers and Hi-Fi enthusiasts, who have felt that an Ansuz set-up was a bigger investment than they were willing to make. Even with the strong price/performance ratio of the X2 cables, the compromises are next to non-existent. The Ansuz X2 cables is made of twisted, shielded, silver-plated copper solid-cores in mechanically stable Teflon insulation.

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