Avatar R3 Santos Rosewood

2021-10-05 11:50

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Avatar R3 Santos Rosewood
Avatar III (R3)All sonic parameters are bettered in respect of the Avatar II in a substantial and tangible way. The Avatar 3 sounds like it is more easily controlled by the amplifier in respect to the R25A, and in turn, it more easily energises the room across the full bandwidth. This is because it is an easy load as far as the amplifier is concerned, and it has far more powerful driver magnets. All of this makes it a much easier speaker to employ in a small or difficult room.The Auditorium is designed to preserve and convey the artistic merit, energy and nuance in a musical performance.While this may seem a stunningly obvious goal for a manufacturer to strive for, in practice many loudspeakers discard much of this vitality and expressiveness in pursuit of a ‘better’ technical specification.

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