Auditorium R25A Walnut

2021-10-02 10:11

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Auditorium R25A Walnut
Living Voice Auditorium R25A 25th Anniversary.To mark 25 years since the launch of our original Auditorium loudspeaker, we’ve created the R25 Anniversary model. Superficially identical to earlier generations, but fundamentally a different design, this is in all respects the most advanced Auditorium yet. A distillation of everything we’ve learned in three decades, the R25A has a vivid ‘see-through’ presentation, a coherence and freedom that lends fresh insight into all music genres.An Auspicious Debut For The R25A.The official launch of the R25A was at the Munich High End Show 2019. A number of listeners were more than a little taken aback by the energy and performance levels achieved by this relatively unobtrusive, apparently simple speaker system.

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