MT-12N EL84 10W

2021-09-30 11:17

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MT-12N EL84 10W
Four EL84s are used for class AB1 P.P amplification. This vacuum tube not only is of great speed to the music signal, but also high dynamic. The toroid power transformer and EI audio transformer are specially manufactured for Cayin MT-12 by applying our unique workmanship, which has low magnetic leakage, wide frequency response and low impedance. One 12AU7 and two 6N1s are used in the preamplifier. With headphone output. The high quality capacitor is selected in the coupling circuit.The input position is selected in the coupling circuit. All-vacuum tube design, all hand-made.

19,900 บาท

ราคาปกติ 29,900 บาท

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