CS-300A MK2

2021-09-29 13:12

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CS-300A MK2
Cayin CS-300A tube integrated amplifire GZ 34 S Single ended 300B tube amplifier in a pure Class A circuit The valve amplifier Cayin CS-300A is a rarity for special connoisseurs. It is based on the sonically unsurpassed 300B output tubes. The two directly heated triodes are supplied in a single-ended configuration from a 6SL7 voltage amplifier stage with a downstream 6SN7 driver stage. Two GZ34 tubes are responsible for the channel-separated high-voltage rectification. This arrangement ensures a musically fluid sound with excellent detail resolution. With the CS-300A, Cayin wanted to create a particularly musical integrated amplifier that, despite the puristic single-ended circuit, could produce 8 watt R.M.S. per channel, which helps loudspeakers with a high level of effectiveness to produce an enormously coherent, lively sound with body and expressiveness.

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