CS-150A KT150

2021-09-29 11:36

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CS-150A KT150
Cayin CS-150A tube integrated amplifier KT 150 Description This integrated amplifier underlines its exceptional quality standards with a six-layer hand-lacquered surface with impressive aesthetics and a deep gloss. But it is precisely the technology that makes the CS-150A something special. Selected tubes of the type Tung-Sol 6SN7GTB are used for the input and driver stage. Four Tung-Sol KT150s or optionally four KT120s are used as high-performance output stage tubes. The voltage is rectified by an RCA 22DE4 NOS tube. Three switches enable the sound to be matched to your individual taste or adaptation to your speakers. This includes switching between triode and ultra linear operation. So you have the choice between delicate, detailed harmonies, liquid and holographic reproduction,

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