2020-06-11 12:57

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NHB-108 model two Often envied, never equalled. The NHB-108 is the ultimate dual-mono amplifier. Get ready for an audio experience that you've «Never Heard Before».

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The NHB-108 was the first power amplifier designed and built by darTZeel.

The NHB-108 has earned legendary status among critics and music lovers alike. Its immediate success and multiple awards helped to quickly establish darTZeel in the premium market.

Regularly updated over a number of years and now reinvented in a «model two» version, this ultra-rapid, dual-mono amplifier is the high-end offering in the NHB series.

With power output of 150 watts per channel and its circuits patented worldwide that prevent global negative feedback, the NHB-108 model two connects effortlessly with any type of speaker, unleashing its full magic and capability.

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