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cocktailAudio X30
It's a revolutionary HiFi component, and all-in-one smart HD Music Server/Network Streamer/CD Storage (Ripper)/powerful Amplifier: Equipped with a 700MHz MIPS host CPU (Processor) Burr-Brown PCM1792a DAC(digital-to-analogue converter) chip Powerful TI stereo digital amplifier Isolated power source circuit design for digital parts and analogue parts High speed optical disk drive for quick ripping 5 inch full colour screen for intuitive graphical user interface FM radio tuner Internet Radio and online music service like Simfy(it depends on country) Recording with max 192Khz sampling rate Max capacity storage installation for 3.5" & 2.5" SATA hard disk and SSD Versatile network solution for 24bit/192Khz hi-res streaming playback and file management Customized Web Interface and free UPnP apps for remote controlling Rugged chassis construction with 8mm thick aluminium front with a metal chassis Various software functionalities

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