2020-05-27 11:50

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Top-end disk player, for enjoying a wide variety of sound sources

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The D-08u, LUXMAN's new high end disc player, broadening the listener's enjoyment of a wide variety of modern sound sources

Our new flagship model, the D-08u, is a CD/SACD player packed with overwhelming features and the latest technologies.

A highly rigid, original disk drive mechanism, LxDTM(※1), offers stable rotation and accurate disc reading.

Our latest digital circuitry is designed for supreme audio quality and is able to handle digital audio encoding up to 384kHz/32 bit for PCM files and 5.64mHz for DSD files.

To complement the analog circuitry, we have installed the latest version 4.0 of our original ODNF(※2) which operates in a fully balanced circuit configuration.

The D-08u competently handles a variety of digital signals, bringing the expressive power and clarity of digital music to the listener.

LUXMAN is confident that the design of this unit enables it to remain at the most upstream point of any audio system for many years to come.

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