iDAC-6 & iHA-6 (iDAC-6 is discontinued)

2020-05-08 22:01

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iDAC-6 & iHA-6 (iDAC-6 is discontinued)
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  • --Cayin iDAC-6 is discontinued, please check information of its successor, iDAC-6 MK2.
  • --The iDAC-6 and iHA-6 are the new members of the Cayin I series. They both share a sleek and stylish design and are completed in high quality aluminum from head to tail. This is an example of design and production quality in the house of Cayin: combining close attention to detail with dedication to perfection.
  • --iDAC-6 deploys two AK4490, the top-tier DAC chips from AKM, and is capable to meet the highest digital decoding requirements of modern days, be it PCM or DSD encoded. This is a full-balanced design DAC with tubes buffer, offering full and silky smooth sound signature. This is Cayin’s first attempt to design a desktop DAC dedicated to Headphone application,
  • --iHA-6 is a fully balanced headphone amplifier targeted to achieve the highest level of detail and integrity for the most demanding headphone enthusiast. We offer multiple interfaces including XLR balanced input, RCA stereo input, two sets of balanced headphone outputs (dual 3-pins XLR and 4-pins XLR), plus two 6.35mm outputs for headphones with different impedance and sensitivity.

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