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Amplifier (Vacuum Tube) > Integrated Amplifier (Tube)

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Hand-made construction with the finest point-to-point wiring.

Two EI output transformer with wide bandwidth are applied.

Specially designed toroid transformer for power supply.

One piece of 6SN7 has been used in the preamp stage for voltage regulation.

Two pieces of 6SL7 has been used for voltage amplification while another two pieces of 6SN7 has been used for driver stage.

Two pieces of TJ Full Music 300B with Porcelain base has been used for drive amplification.

845 vacuum tube has been used for Single-end Class A amplification. One piece of each channel.

Switchable between different negative feedbacks. It outputs soft, clean, original sound if operated at -3dB NFB. Otherwise it output open, bold sound in details if operated at 0dB NFB.

User Bias adjustment, Hum Balance adjustment are accessible on top of the amplifier with true ampere meter.

Remote control for all functions.

Can be used as a Power Amplifier.

M-845i can memorize last operation of the unit once turned off.

Output Level will attenuate automatically for Blanced Input.

High quality Alps Volume control, German WBT top grade Speaker terminals, USA Multicap Capacitors and Japanese Takman Carbon Film Audio grade resistors have been used in the amplifier.

Thickly silver plated signal cable has been used.

Equipped with easily-installed tube cover for protection.

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