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STORM 2018

2019-09-12 15:49

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The STORM 2018 turntable weighs in at nearly 28 kg and provides all the advantages that true high mass turntables deliver. STORM 2018 offers rock solid and tuneful bass, a stable and focused midrange, clear and detailed high frequency reproduction by producing a soundstage that delivers both – natural delicate musicality and great authority. Of course, STORM 2018 also has very low mechanical noise courtesy based on our unique Tidorfolon-bearing design, and an externally positioned motor, run by our Beta-DIG regenerative power supply to ensure perfect rotation of the new platter.

The STORM 2018 comes with a precisely manufactured aluminum platter has a weight of 11 kg which includes 8 Silencer modules to dampen resonances. The platter is additionally coated underneath with a specialized high efficiency damping material to achieve even better results. This high mass platter in combination with the smooth running Tidorfolon-bearing is only one of the many unique reasons why the STORM 2018 excels, and provides an unparalleled musical experience and turntable performance in its price range.

We believe that the motor system for a turntable should have enough force and inertial energy to obtain proper platter speed but not influence it during rotation. We reached that goal by using European made synchronous motor located to the left of the platter, with our own „State of the Art“-motor controller.

As we have designed the drive unit to be separate from the chassis, there is no direct contact which avoids transfer of any vibration into the turntable. Our Tidorfolon-bearing as a hand-tuned slide bearing has been perfectly designed to guide the platter with approximately no clearance and likewise no friction or sound.

Our Tidorfolon-bearing is valued and admired by fans and experts all over the world for its precision and its legendary reliability. It is always manufactured with great love for detail and precision in accordance with the best fine mechanical tradition. Each STORM 2018 can handle up to 3 tonearms and 3 motors.

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