Acoustic Signature


2019-09-12 15:37

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The THUNDER is a consequent developed new design. It‘s all combined with the award-winning performance, elegance, convenience and comfort that have made the mass turntable Series so successful. Get ready to experience of the THUNDER series – now perfectly suited to your own unique style. THUNDER is designed and built for exceptional music reproduction, outperforming turntables selling for much more. The turntable plinth has been designed for optimum solidity, while the large footprint of the table generates even more stability to increase the weight concentration at the base of the turntable. The plinth of nearly 70 mm thick solid aluminum chassis forms the base of the turntable, on which up to three arm attachments can be fitted for either 9“- or 12“-tonearms of any design or manufacturer.

Our 50 mm thick solid turntable platter is made of aluminum with a total of 24 ACOUSTIC SIGNATURE-Silencer inserts. The Silencer-Platter development target was clearly defined; total elimination of any resonance or vibration due to introduction of airborne or coupled acoustic energy. We achieved that any introduction of vibrational energy is quickly reduced and the platter is immediately damped and quieted.

The motor system for a turntable should have enough force and inertial energy to obtain proper platter speed but not influence it during rotation. We reached that goal by using European made synchronous motor located to the left of the platter, with our own „State of the Art“-digital motor controller. As we have designed the drive unit to be separate from the chassis, there is no direct contact which avoids transfer of any vibration into the turntable.

Our Tidorfolon-bearing allows anyone to hear and instantly recognize how this hand-tuned slide bearing has been perfectly formed to guide the platter with approximately no clearance and likewise no friction or sound. Our Tidorfolon-bearing is valued and admired by fans and experts all over the world for its precision and its legendary reliability. It is always manufactured with great love for detail and precision in accordance with the best fine mechanical tradition. Any THUNDER can handle up to 3 tonearms and 3 motors.

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