Acoustic Signature


2019-09-09 16:41

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Our all new MONTANA is designed as a statement product in a more economical range than the reference products INVICTUS and INVICTUS jr. We implemented all the technology we used in our top of the line products like the Tidorfolon-bearing, sub-platter with 3-motor drive system and the ACOUSTIC SIGNATURE fully digital motor controller. We implemented CLD technology (Constraint Layer damping) which brought all our products to a higher level of performance. The new MONTANA also uses 24 Silencer pressed into the aluminum platter for resonance control, as standard.

The heart of the new MONTANA marries our very substantial aluminum plinth measuring nearly 70 mm with a 50 mm thick massive aluminum platter with a total weight of nearly 14 kg. These components are matched to our unique Tidorfolon-bearing, resulting in a perfect symphony of design and execution. Standard is our integrated 3-motor system to drive the MONTANA. We at ACOUSTIC SIGNATURE believe that the motor system for a turntable should have sufficient force and inertial energy to obtain proper platter speed without influencing it during rotation.

We reached that goal by using 3 European custom made synchronous motors with our own „State of the Art“-motor controller. The motors are arranged beside a cone-shaped sub-platter propelled by this 3-motor drive system.

The round assembly surrounding the bearing, prevent any tension to the main bearing, spinning perfectly centered. Our Tidorfolon-bearing allows anyone with sense for details, to instantly recognize how this hand-tuned slide bearing has been perfectly designed to guide the platter with approximately neither clearance nor friction or sound. Our Tidorfolon-bearing is valued and admired by music lovers and engineers all over the world for its precision and its legendary reliability. It is always manufactured with great love for detail and precision in accordance with the best fine mechanical tradition.

The tone arm mounting plates are fully adjustable to accommodate the mounting of any desired 9” to 12” tone arm design, with a maximum of 2 tone arms possible.

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