2019-06-21 16:31

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This flagship phono amplifier GE-10 is a compilation of all knowledges and experiences of Audio Note.

It was designed to work with flagship preamplifier G-1000 to create an ultimate preamplifier system for analogue playback.

Designed to be the companion Phono amplifier of Integrated amplifier Overture and Pre-amplifier G-70, GE-1 gives the best out of analog playback with high definition and rich musical characters.

The newly developed phono amplifier circuitry is fueled by a gigantic power supply section. This special design draws the charms out of all recordings no matter matching with vacuum tube or solid state amplifier.

With intimate and crystal clear sound, GE-1 will definitely fill your audio enjoyment with ultimate pleasures.

Product Stereo preamplifier

Model KSL-M7

RIAA Declination ±0.5dB (30Hz-20kHz)

Frequency response 12Hz ~ 140kHz (+0dB, -3dB, with 100kΩ load)

Gain Line 17dB, Phono 47dB

Input / Impedance Phono 1pair (RCA, unbalanced) / 50kΩ,

LINE 2pairs (RCA, unbalanced) / 100kΩ

Output 2pairs (RCA)

Noise less than 0.2mV(LINE), less than 10mV(PHONO)

Vacuum tube 12AX7 x2, 12AU7 x2, 6X4 x1

Power consumption 30W

Dimension 285mm(W) 160mm(H) 405mm(D)(excluding protrusions)

Weight 16kg

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