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The pursuit of power amplifier's highest sound quality. Among all power tubes, we choose direct heated triode which have the best characteristics and sound qualities. The output transformer (OPT) are house made with silver windings. The silver foil signal capacitors are also Audio Note original design and hand made. Since chassis material will highly affect the extensions and other sound qualities, we use copper which is now our tradition. Furthermore, all circuitries are hand wired by skillful technicians in our factory. Quietness is expanded, sound field is extended. Giving both clear and dynamic expressions that traditional tube amplifiers can never come close.

Kagura 211 parallel single ended monaural power amplifier has been accomplished by putting every know-how that Audio Note/Kondo created.

The world of elastic and coordinated sounds can be delineated only by analog amplifier, where music breathes of original sounds are brought back.

The new perspective flagship power amplifier is how Audio Note/Kondo would really like to be listened to by those who have been indulged in the deep charm of music.

1989, the year of the bright history of Audio Note.

Audio Note's ONGAKU was born this year, instantly attracted attentions from audiophile around the world.

Audio Note's vacuum tube amplifiers started shipping overseas. Reviewers from leading audio magazines, e.g. "Hi-Fi Choice", "Audiophile" from UK and "The Absolute Sound" from US, reported their surprises and appreciations about the good sound qualities which they had never heard of. Among them, ONGAKU which employed big size power tubes 211 in the amplification stage; stole the hearts of audio fans with her overwhelming expression of rich musical details.

ONGAKU's magic and its good comments are still spinning around the world without slowing down.

Audio Note's high reputation and good comments are building up on this solid platform.

A stereo amplifier which deliver the best of 2A3.

The audio note 300B power amplifier has been reborn with the latest knowledge on traditional circuits.

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